In Case of Emergency

In case of accident or sudden illness, it is imperative to seek prompt medical attention for your pet.

During normal business hours
If your pet has a medical emergency during normal business hours, we will make every effort to provide care for your pet as soon as possible. Please call ahead, 615.374.0330, so that we may prepare for your arrival.

After normal business hours
Sometimes it may be difficult to determine if your pet is experiencing an emergency situation. Conversely, what you perceive as a minor problem, may be a situation deserving of emergency medical care.

If you believe that your pet is in need of emergency medical attention, to speak with a doctor regarding your situation and for appropriate direction scheduling, or care.please call and leave a message a doctor will call you back.

Emergency Number 615.633.7927

During an Emergency

1. Remain Calm
Panic is contagious and is not beneficial for you or your pet during an emergency.

2. Exercise Caution
An injured or frightened pet, even your own, may bite. Use care when moving or transporting an injured pet. Covering your pet's head with a towel may help to calm your pet and offer a degree of protection while moving.

3. During business hours, Call 615.374.0330

Speak with a doctor or staff member and relay as much information about your pet's medical situation as possible to help us deliver the most appropriate response.

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